Facebook Memories

~Note before I start typing the actual poem: This was originally written on May 2nd. I just couldn’t bring myself to finish it or put it on here until today.~

Dear Facebook memories,

Thank you, but I don’t need help remembering how lame I was 7 years ago when little 14 year old me got her first Facebook.

  • 7 years ago today: Melanie is so excited to spend the night with Rachel.
    • These nights usually involved Rachel on the guitar and Melanie singing of love budding like a flower in a beautiful garden and its pollen floating on the wings of a bee from one garden to another bigger garden in hopes of seeing bigger and better things
  • 6 years ago today: Melanie is starting high school!
    • This is the first time she will wake up early to water and care for her garden; prune every square inch of the leaves, petals and even the roses. Perfection was the aim and she won’t stop until she got there.
  • 5 years ago today: Melanie can drive!
    • She is extremely excited! So excited in fact, that she wrecked in the same day, but its fine! Her garden was left unharmed, now, even little butterflies would come to sip sweet nectar from the different flowers that bloom
  • 4 years ago today: A picture of Melanie and her first, serious, high school boyfriend
    • The first boy she would try to fix. Carefully making an incision to dissect his inner world. Giving him her ditch lilies in exchange for his thorn bushes. Together they would extend her garden together making it more beautiful but now surrounded by thorns to keep them from getting hurt. But his thorns grew way too fast and soon her lilies were destroyed and she fled the garden she once took pride in.
  • 3 years ago today: Melanie is graduating!
    • Goodbye small garden! The bigger garden dreams of 3 years ago have become a reality! She is in a constant state of euphoria. No fences just acres and acres of flowers swarmed with bees and butterflies to bury into the inner crevasses of her buds and sipping up her nectar. Warm sun gently laying its rays over her petals as a blanket.
  • 2 years ago today: Melanie became friends with him.
    • He slowly made his way into her garden, marveling at her ditch lilies, plucking the petals one by one until there was nothing left. She tried to save them by moving them when he was asleep, drunk in the presence of pure nectar, but once awake he found them, and continued to pluck until he got to her nectar, draining her dry and filling her up over and over until he grew tired and had the audacity to ask her not to tell anyone. As if he had labored to grow this garden, as if he had some sick right over the petals he destroyed.
  • 1 year later: Melanie is happy finals are over and she can go home for the summer
    • Her garden is more important to her than ever, she will love the feel of the earth between her toes, until she comes across a petaless lily. Then, she will have a pang in her stomach but be unable to say why. Every time she sees a lily her eyes will water and she will blame allergies because she is not in the position to admit to herself how badly her garden has been wrecked. She will then plant thorn bushes to counter the pollen that’s being produced by her lilies.
  • Today: Melanie surviving
    • She discovered the petaless lilies underneath the thorns she had planted and now she cannot stop mourning for the loss of all the once pure and beautiful lilies. They had no fault in their destruction, she is to blame for not protecting them better, to sitting idly while they bared the brute of his  sick need to claim them. As she digs the petaless lilies, she will try to replant them somewhere else only to realize that her efforts are in vain but she will replant and replant and replant and replant until her hands are bloody from all the damn thorn bushes she planted to keep her safe.

Dear Facebook memories,

Please stop reminding me of the boy who took away the petals from a garden I worked so tirelessly to build. I don’t know if my hands are capable of planting anymore thorn bushes.




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