The Rock

I wonder what it feels like to be a rock. Not just a rock. The rock. The rock that creates the ripples that glide across the water surface. One ripple causing fish to change direction for fear of predators. Another one makes a lily pad move just enough to reveal the hidden tadpoles making them vulnerable prey. And another that makes the fisherman look that direction because of the possibility of a good catch.

What will happen to the fish? Will it always scurry at the smallest sign of danger? or will it become so desensitized that once there is actual danger, it will just keep going towards it. Once the tadpoles are revealed, what will happen to them? Will the fish, scared of the ripple turn and devour the tadpoles? Easy prey is the best prey after all. With the fisherman, will his turning eye save a fish? What will the fist do with the new life it has been given? Who in this scenario is the real victim? The fish who will either be constantly scared or forget to feel scared when they should. The tadpoles, so tiny and without shelter. The fisherman, who will miss a night meal because of the distraction.

Yet, the rock is overlooked even though it created this. It will sink to the bottom, grow algae, and be forgotten. It’s contribution overlooked. The fish will just be said to be troubled, the tadpole too vulnerable, and the fisherman too easily distracted. Never will someone look below the surface and see the rock that started it all.

You are my rock. I’m troubled because of you. I’m vulnerable because of you. I’m distracted because of you. I let you fall, sometimes to the pit of my stomach or my heart, and sometimes to the back of my mind. But it is you and it will always be you. No amount of erosion or algae can diminish the effects you have had on me. Does that make you happy? Do you feel a sense of pride knowing you’ve had that effect on someone. Is that what it feels like to be a rock? You get to change someone’s path without the guilt that you ruined their path? How is that right?

Hold on. No more questions. Here comes the next rock. I need to brace myself.


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