Monthly Frustrations

Reasons my anxiety is spiking:

  • I need to make my next appointment with my therapist
  • My period has yet to show up (took a test and it said not pregnant)
  • Classes are about to start again and that overwhelms me
  • Work is about to start again
  • I have to set up a ton of meetings
  • I’m going out tonight and now my anxiety makes me not want to go and I don’t want to be flakey
  • Now I am over-analyzing everything especially my unhealthy coping habits

Things keeping me sane:

  • I’m getting a pedicure tomorrow
  • Even when I feel alone I know I have a support system
  • I can write it out
  • As overwhelmed as I am, I know that I’m about to get back into a routine
  • I have a continual belief that things will get better
  • My tax money will come in soon and that will relieve a lot of stress in my life right now
  • Once the tax money comes in, I may put in my two weeks at one of my jobs.
  • I am trying to learn to treat myself with loving kindness but it is proving to be harder than originally planned.

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