Letting it out

So I did something I shouldn’t have (big shocker). Over the summer a friend, we’ll call her K, told me she had an STI. And while I should have kept this info to myself, I didn’t. I told another friend. Well long story short, I’m in a sorority and K is in the same one. She slept with a frat guy the other night and now people are telling him that she still has an STI. So obviously she knows I told and is pissed and rightly so. I know it makes me a shit person for telling, I don’t have to be told that. I’ve apologized, I’ve nearly thrown up from the guilt, and she kept trying to chew me out last night. I realize that I deserve that, but at the same time chewing me out literally does nothing when I’ve already apologized and I’m taking responsibility for my actions.

Background info: me and K have been through a lot of shit. We’re completely different people and there has been a good 3 or 4 times that I’ve just said I’m done and wanted to walk away from the friendship. I’m bad at cutting people off because I never want to be the bad person but here I am being the bad person. I’m not usually like that though, I usually help everyone and love everyone so this is entirely out of character for me and I kinda hate myself for it, but I can’t tell K that because she’ll use it against me. So I’ll just going to wallow in the fact that I’m a shit person right now and then maybe feel better later. 

Sorry for the pitty party.


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