Triggered and other fad words

I’m well aware that this is just going to sound like a rant and that’s ok because it is a rant. My sorority little uses the word triggered for “I relate.” When she sees something about pumpkin spice lattes she’ll say “I’m triggered,” and she’ll post it on social media.

I come from a background of self harm and eating disorders so this bothers me immensely because she has no idea what triggered is. I have gone through 4 therapists in the last 8 years trying to figure out my triggers, how to deal with them and lead a productive life without my self harm and eating disorder getting in the way and now she just wants to throw around that word like it’s nothing. She is giving the word that has so much power over my (and tons of other people’s) life and turning it into a “fad” word that’s just silly and cute.

She’s super conservative and doesn’t believe in mental illness unless its one of the “scary” ones. NEWS FLASH! They’re all scary and VERY real to me and a ton of other people who suffer. words cannot express right now how upset I am. She is taking away the severity of something very serious and throwing it to the wind. I don’t understand how someone can just do that like it’s nothing. Her justification is we live in a world that’s “too sensitive.” And yeah I’ll admit, there are some sensitive people in the world but that doesn’t make them or their experiences and struggles invalid.

P.S. This rant was written after a weekend of 7 concerts,  a night of only 2 hours of sleep, 3 hours of work, and a major study session for an exam tomorrow.


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